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The Mutated Sewers
After reports of mutated creatures in the Britain sewers, it has now been discovered that the mages at The Sorcerer's Delight accidentally spilled what was left in their cauldron from last year into their moat. "It is only a coincidence that the accident occurred just one day before the moat was scheduled to be drained and refilled with fresh water!", stated Guildmaster Evander.

[Image: W7C1dNS.jpg]

Get a jump start on Holiday Coins before Easter! Help vanquish this plague of mutated beasts from our sewers!
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yes, i tried to tame one Sad
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It seems that the contamination of Britain's Sewers was part of Guildmaster Evanders plans all along! His motive is unclear at this time but the mutated creatures appear to be abiding by his will!

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It turns out that Evander was an Evil Mage Lord! He disguised himself as The Sorcerer's Delight guildmaster in an attempt to get revenge for the loss of his brethren in the dungeon of Fire!

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