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Lost Lands first official house decoration contest!
Hey everyone!

We wanted to anounce a home decoration contest that'll run for two weeks! We will have 3 different categories for players to compete in!

    Small - small houses, and small towers

    Medium - all "medium" sized homes, including the new additions

    Large - Keeps, Towers, and Castles

You can submit 1 house per categories.

All submissions will need to be added to this thread in the form of screenshots please.

The contest will end on the 19th.

The winner from each category will receive a special trophy!

[Image: wiz.jpg]
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[Image: w84CcYw.png]
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[Image: sK90728.jpg]
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awesome submissions so far guys, keep up the good work!
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[Image: GMI94Tw.png]
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[Image: RvW2ngK.jpg]

[Image: 5M5aUwp.jpg]

[Image: hLT8Cze.jpg]

[Image: zShRdrx.jpg]

[Image: 4bWoINF.jpg]

[Image: Zw47rjH.jpg]
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[Image: acNy3gI.png]
Northern Kingdom throne, library & blacksmithy
[Image: EdE9v9J.png]
Dining room
[Image: vgNHRgz.png]
Trophy case
[Image: EOMOMvi.png]
[Image: AbM7g6E.png]

[Image: dapA2Py.png]
The Lamplighter Inn
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[Image: 4fb47Dt.png]
Pear Street House
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Restored damaged post: 01-12-2018, 07:37 PM by TKE MFO.
May I all introduce you to "House de la TK" or otherwise known as the Swole Zone.

This is the restock area: regs, arrows, playerboxes pre-filled with items so I can easily recover from my inevitable death once I leave the safety of the Swole Zone.
[Image: aHhM9TB.jpg]

This is the mini "Rune Library"...aka a few common books I use to do reagent / leather / board runs and/or attempt (and usually fail) to do rare hunting.
[Image: hiMGy3a.jpg]

This is the Dilly Dilly, where I spend my nights, alone, drinking myself into oblivion.
[Image: ScGsYek.jpg]

This is the tailoring area.
[Image: mtpIvHH.jpg]

Area to dye clothes and such.
[Image: KgAIlRt.jpg]

This is the Dilly Dilly's kitchen...under construction.
[Image: cJpJkqG.jpg]

This is the library, or otherwise known as place I put all the NPC books I stole from town
[Image: waVdU9k.jpg]

This is the distillery...too bad it isn't real.
[Image: 3ZrCebQ.jpg]

Alchemy Lab.
[Image: TYLP2yS.jpg]

BOD Reward & General Storage.
[Image: Vi2rvQN.jpg]

BOD Area...with a limited edition Wiz Biz bandana on the stool!
[Image: ySu7EjV.jpg]

[Image: x0OTDrz.jpg]

Front porch & some of the sniper roosts
[Image: rTzIISK.jpg]
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