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Different types of wood
I have a lumberjack/fletcher/carpenter/tinker. This build has been fun for me in the past. I have always thought it was pretty fun being able to lumberjack and craft with different types of wood. I know it isn't really era accurate for this server, but I still think it would be fun to stumble across some different types of wood in the wilderness and be able to craft items out of said wood.

Am I the only one and is this only a pipe dream?

- Themisto
I also like the different wood types.
Yeah! Smile

Let's implement!
no colored weapons.. the content would prolly be acceptable by the era accuracy crowd but as it stands tinkered stuff ain't colored like candelabras and stuff, so thats kinda out as far as consistency goes... only leaving colored armor, being consistent with existing T2A content.. so ya get colored wooden shields and... kite shields? or just wooden shields.. cant remember

so basically all this would do, while maintaining consistency with existing content, is introduce colored wooden shields to the game. a bunch of new wood for 1 item.

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