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New Crafters On The Block!!!
Why hello all UOLL'rs who are actually reading the forums. I wanted to leave this here to offer my services to any players in need of a GM Blacksmith, Tailor, Alchemist, Inscriptionist, purveyor of reagents or resources (spined leather / bones), and pre-marked runebooks!!!!

I currently operate out of Undercut City, which is located directly right (North East) of the Yew Rune Library. I also have Tailroing / Blacksmithy BOD rewards at Undercut City and can fill most LBODs upon request. I also trade / sell LBODs & SBODs.

I'm currently running some specials with armor and weapons, charging the iron rate (9gp per ingot w/25% crafting fee) for all colored ingots! If you'd like PvP sets (Dex or Plate), simply place an order and get your choice of color. You also have the choice of tailoring & blacksmith exceptional tags by "Tralala, Giorgio Armani, or an American."

Feel free to contact me in discord @TKE MFO, your friendly neighborhood asshole!
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