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TI suggestion: rewards between each level...
Hello, I did my first real TI last night and it was fun. Earned 40k, 40 platinum and felt rewarding overall. Was only pkd once.

However I did it solo probably 5 of 7 hours. By 3:30am I had to call it a night, it finished I believe an hour or two later.

I was ranked #1, but after 7 hours had to quit the TI ... still dont know what happens at the end.

a. mini-mini-bosses based on kills or time ... (random better so server just doesnt jump to wipe out minis then leave and not help)... have them come between each wave, or as a timer... like "first mini-mini boss = 25% done with this wave..." that way you know how far you are through the wave.

b. more "good karma" killing monsters. I lost a ton of karma last night. karma gains would of been handy.

c. random magic items, loot, etc. Doing 5-7 hours of work I only got about 4 magic items, even from the dragons. Anyway to have camps or chests or mini-miniboss drops or other random drops?

d. gained a nice amount of skill. however i was mostly solo the whole time... maybe have TI increase magic resist and combat skill gains? as a new player I found it fun to do something server wide

e. rewards for top 3 contributors even if they do not see it to the end if they reach a certain threshold like 10000 total points

f. archery in the two TI I tried did almost nothing... have to bard. Anyway to have spawns be more melee friendly or less AR torwards melee/archery?

Thanks for the events they are a great part of this serveR!
a. david sometimes adds a mini boss or two to the ti wich i think is nice
b. the karma is only a problem with the loard oaks TI, but u dont get attacked with postive karma so u have to manage your karma till the end.
c. it depends on the ti, some monsters drop more magic than others. i dont think there should be more magic items. its already easy enough to get them.
d. uo is not meant to gain skill while playing you have to macro them Smile
e. not every ti takes that long, usually its done in less than two hours
f. you get 10 times as much points for direct damage vs barding and damag your pets does, so its still worth it to do direct damage with archery/melee or spells

if i could change something i would get rid of the message when the boss arrives and increase the time till the guards return
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