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idea for town invasions...(chest/camps)
I used to love the rat camp north of britain pre-t2a... tons of ratmen ... 1-2 ogres or ettins in the area (not per screen) and random other encounters (wisp , liche.. wondering)

then sometimes pks would show up and it was a kite fest. Anywho often chests spawned in this area. From a role playing perspective the rats were around rat camps with chests, bed roles, and now rare furs. Would be neat to have (rogues lockpick).

Chests would also be areas to drift to and move around ti.

I havn't done a full TI, but am excited to do T2A style again. I used to love the "green" trinsic Chesapeake invasion where chests would drop.
sometimes the GMs spawn chests and mini-bosses at town invasions, can be fun when there is a decent amount of people at the TI
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suggestion: build random stuff into tis (chests, camps, mini bosses, enamies of the spawn, if people work together and score xyz in a certain timeframe summon a guardian to fight against reds etc)

probably not easy lol

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