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Bonding Pets - Amroth - 01-22-2015

Is the bonding system available?

Does it work like this?

Feed animal - One week - Feed animal = Bonded

Has the animal to be in the stable o can u bond it while using it?

Bonding Pets - yakka - 01-23-2015

No bonding during this time frame

RE: Bonding Pets - Eve Sidaway - 02-01-2021

No, the bonding is not possible in the context you are saying. If you want to make any bond then you need to invest time and essay writing service uk here you can see that everything takes time to make a good bond.

RE: Bonding Pets - Xandorf - 02-17-2021

Bot's are the only ones that post here didn't you know?

And reporting them does nothing, in fact the report button is broken lol.

But no there is no pet bonding on Lost Lands, this server emulates UO T2A.