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Full Version: Pixel Slayers (PS)
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We are a PvE guild for the purpose of training new players while having a lot of fun. 


     Weekly guild events (see videos)
     Guild chat, available even if you are dead (good for those "come rescue me" situations)
     Dungeon crawls
     Treasure hunting
     Guild rune library
     Guild castle for events
     Guild vendor (coming soon)

We do help new players get a start, but you will be expected to become self-sufficient at some point.  Tips are provided for how make gold faster.

I'm new to the game, but we have experienced players who can help you with macros, hot keys, what to do to make gains at specific levels, etc.

Look me up on the irc if you have more questions.

-  Contessa
is the guild still taking members?  I am an old UO vet.  Played for years on Somona.  I have a....you guess it...Mage/Bard on the server and love to kill monsters for loot.
no they are no more gm has left
As of now PS is once again recruiting and looking to build up our members. The guild is open to all player build types and welcome new players getting a foot hold in game. Weekly guild events will start up again once we have a sufficient number of active members willing to participate. For recruitment pm Ziggy in irc or contact me on here.

Good to see PS is back Smile
I'd like to join you.