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Stirring in the Deep, pt1
Avast ye!  Landlubbers of Britannia, pay heed!

The waters of Britannia are unsettled, a pungent odour draws itself from the surface.
As you look down from the dock you notice all the fish in the bay resting on the waters surface.
"Strange" the voice of a pirate captain mutters

Upon arrival to The Sorcerer's Delight, you notice several members of the mage guild looking rather distraught.
"Can you feel the arcane energies out of balance?" yells Mireya to the room, "Something is a miss here, we must investigate"

On announcing your arrival, you discuss further your findings.
"To the seas we must go, more fish specimens we must collect if sense of this we are to make."

...Something is stirring in the deep, something unknown... 

A Pirate Captain needs you!

I would like to bring to you the first in a series of player run events, in this case a fishing tournament.  As you can tell from the above, a mysterious set of events have occurred in the waters of Britannia, and we have been tasked with obtaining further big fish specimens for examination.  Get your fishing rods ready, stock up your sloop, set your sails, and head out in search of those big fish.  But beware, the seas can be a dangerous place for the uninitiated, an increased spawn presence could be expected as the affects of this mysterious event develop.  It is also a given that the seas is home to the deadliest creature of all, the pirate.

How will this work?  We will use this forum as a record for catches.  When you get that message saying you have pulled a big fish up, posting a screen shot of it here registers your catch in our results table, please make sure to click this so that our name and date appear.  If your catch meets the requirements of a PVM prize, then you will be added to the prize table.  In order to claim your prize the fish must be presented to me in game (a pirate captain) at the end of the tournament or a few days after .  Please note all fish MUST have a date stamp of 11/13/2020 or 11/14/2020 to be valid, so don't waste your time fishing for big fish now.  Prizes for PVP related swashbuckling are also available.

- PVP prizes will require screen shots of your pirating prowess.
- Each angler may only appear once in the largest fish table, and once in the smallest (angler being in game character with a named fish).
- All prizes will be given out at the end of the tournament.
- Use your common sense, lets make this fun (I can't stop you but taking 50 Wyrms aboard your ship is probably OTT, I would like to keep the focus away from tamers, if possible)

For both PVM and PVP there will be hidden criteria.  So get posting your antics as you never know what might win you a prize.  As part of this tournament there are various prizes available to all would-be anglers / pirates, the below table will lists those.  Please note these have been sent to and approved by Lambo, so that I can not be accused of any bias towards any other player.  I also will not be taking part in this event in a prize receiving capacity.  1st, 2nd and 3rd Trophies will be available for Largest and Smallest big fish.

These prizes are set in stone, but if anyone decides they would like to also donate anything towards a prize, that would be welcome.

(Was unable to upload images here for some reason, see discord for the tables)
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