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Hosting change, website rebuild, Survival update
The UOLL hosting for both the website and game server have been changed. now resolves to now resolves to

Most notably, these 2 hosts are now on the same provider and have blazing fast communication speed between each other. On top of this the new host for both game and web server are much faster in every aspect, so this should hopefully help resolve intermittent lag issues with the shard.

If you are having issues connecting with, in the meantime you can use the server IP address above ( to connect until your DNS resolves the changes.

The UOLL website has been completely rebuilt in Python/Django and does not share any code at all with the previous PHP website. This will improve the speed and reliability of the site, in addition to new features being much easier to develop. There have been many fixes where the old website had things wrong or was just broken. A couple of notable features on the site include:
  • Item history graphs dating back to 2015 (as promised in - better late than never)
  • Filtering Bestiary by tamables and world bosses.
  • Bestiary mobs will automatically be added as soon as they are created on the server, meaning no more required coding for this to happen in future.
  • As above, with achievements. Also added a new achievement as a test: "Hidden Gems". With the ease of creating achievements now, I may add some more in the near future.

A few small changes to the server:
  • Added yearly leaderboards and trophies to Survival. The trophies work in the same way the all time trophy does, but for year. So get cracking on those Survival scores and win yourself a gorgeous looking blood red eagle trophy!
  • Hugely cut down the treasure hunting achievements (Level 1-5 maps, "Treasures of the Deep", "Digging Up Britannia"). Nobody had gotten even half way for these achievements. If your level is bumped up from the patch, you will receive the platinum reward automatically.
  • Added new levels for achievements: "TownSavior" and "EmergencyResponseUnit", where many people had long since reached the cap.
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