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Gaining weapons skills and tactics guide- does this work here?
Fighter training instructions.

1. Hire a fighter from Jhelom
2. Put them Behind a table
3. Say "all stay"
4. Go to the other side of the table
5. Say "all guard me"
6. Use the hiding skill or invisiblity spell on yourself- this will cause the NPC to leave war mode
7. Enter War mode
8. Click and Drag the NPC to bring up the name bar
9. Double Click the name bar, in war mode
10. Move next to the NPC hireling- this will end your invisibility
11. Double Click to attack the NPC hireling- they will not attack you backall sta`aall guard

It appears I am at least sometimes getting hit using this method, the merc is attacking me, but for some reason infrequently, not as much as I hit them. So, it looks like I need to healers.

I use 4 tables, put them in a corner in a house (with me in it as well) do steps 3-10, though I must move a table to get in there and either carry it in my backpack, or put it on another tile.
it doesn't work consistently from what I have seen but that being said you will gain much faster fighting a person similar skill level rather than an npc.

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