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ramjet introduction.
I hope first all this nick is ok as it can be used in another context/slang, but I mean when I use it about ramjet airplanes Smile

Anyway I started back on Lake Superior in 1999, only skill I ever GM'd on OSI shards was tactics, but since playing on others I've done almost all of them now. I played on the Metropolis shard (through several ownerships) and second age, and Renaissance shards, and now I'm here because this offers really more than secondage does. Though, I do plan to try some AOS and ML shards as well, to see how those eras are

I've made a couple toons sofar, and was thinking of posting my taming guide, if it's anything significant. I GM'd a toon here in a total of 45 hours and 15 minutes of real time playing, though not sure how that compares to how fast people have GM'd taming from 50-GM, which is what I did.
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Hey, welcome! I hope you will have a good time here!
Please post your taming guide, I think it will be really helpful.

Hope to see you around!
welcome! I was on lake superior while you were there, Jacob was my treasure hunter, and Veto Power was my... mage whatever I think back then.
Another old Lake Superior player, look at that. I ran around with the guild Midnight Rain. We called Occlo our guild Home. I was to young in those days to really do much but f around haha.
Welcome. Yea I played on LS also, from 97-99. Then I quit until I found Metropolis, played there until Zen stopped running it. Then went to Divinity for a bit, until Ryan quit running that. I messed around on Second Age, but skills were too slow gaining there for me. Then I found this lovely little gem. This is the best server imo. The mechanics are T2A (Except for the exploits, they removed them because they suck lol.) But they have added other things content wise to make it fun. There is lots to do, mass events, Achievements, Town invasions, Holiday events, and many other things. Have fun!

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