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ramjet introduction.
I hope first all this nick is ok as it can be used in another context/slang, but I mean when I use it about ramjet airplanes Smile

Anyway I started back on Lake Superior in 1999, only skill I ever GM'd on OSI shards was tactics, but since playing on others I've done almost all of them now. I played on the Metropolis shard (through several ownerships) and second age, and Renaissance shards, and now I'm here because this offers really more than secondage does. Though, I do plan to try some AOS and ML shards as well, to see how those eras are

I've made a couple toons sofar, and was thinking of posting my taming guide, if it's anything significant. I GM'd a toon here in a total of 45 hours and 15 minutes of real time playing, though not sure how that compares to how fast people have GM'd taming from 50-GM, which is what I did.
Hey, welcome! I hope you will have a good time here!
Please post your taming guide, I think it will be really helpful.

Hope to see you around!
welcome! I was on lake superior while you were there, Jacob was my treasure hunter, and Veto Power was my... mage whatever I think back then.

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