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Since we have been recieveing so many questions regarding the possible AoJ and N-C alliance, I felt I would publically disclose here, to sum up any questions.

Many of you have played with and against N-C for quite some time. Regardless of your feelings towards my guild , I think it’s safe to say we strive to compete in competitive group pvp. With population numbers dwindling we remained conscious of keeping numbers extremely low to ensure pvp remain fair , competitive, and challenging for all parties involved. However, to everyone’s fortune on UO Lost Lands we have seen a great increase in activity throughout the past month or so.

As group numbers substantially rise , we were faced with two choices. Either enlist former players coming new to the server. Or go another route and create a group. After spending some time with AoJ in their chat, several members spoke of interest in expanding into more group oriented pvp against bigger groups while gaining more experience. Thus we added four AoJ pvpers to the N-C stone. In hopes this will help even out group numbers and create a more conducive environment for constant action. We choose this route for two options 1) I feel it’s beneficial to bring different faces in the competitive group scene than we have seen in the last few years. Continuing to grow knowledge and experience is positive for all of us who enjoy pvp. 2) **most importantly .. after spending time with these guys in chat, they’re just an awesome group of guys to be around, friendly and fun to be around. We could move past some of the narcissistic personalities that would have had to be endured if we added some of the older pvpers. We are grateful to Grofus and AoJ for allowing us this opportunity.

How we got here on Lost Lands:

Santorum and Saber are always a burst of life into any pvp scene, and they have dedicated themselves to wrecking havoc throughout the world, keeping things fresh. Sundance Kid recently joined UOLL , who is a positive influence on any server and generally a great dude and quality pvper. Ragnar has recently returned who is an aggressive player that knows the ins and outs of field pvp and always looking for a battle. Coupling these recent additions with some other former AoJ players and financial backing they have become a larger force when full force.

Scienter has returned and is no doubt a top notch player and my biggest adversary at one point in 2013. He can bring a great deal to the scene in general. He has joined forces with the always competitive and down to fight Abyz. Soda who has morphed himself into a very high level player over the last two years. B3 has joined our server who I feel may be one of the most underrated group field pvpers we’ve seen the last few years. It also looks as though Banks Who is well adept at group pvp will be hopefully returning. Godzilla always consistent and active. BCB will be a force to be reckoned with if grouped consistently in full numbers.

The more relatively even number groups that are out and about creates a healthy pvp environment. That has always been the goal of N-C is to contribute and be part of that environment. Although judging by previous mindsets of some players involved I will not be surprised to see a MoA and BCB merge. But hopefully not.

We are excited about the journey ahead with AoJ and feel it can be rewarding for all parties involved. Or anyone who wants to see UOLL flourish like it can. Anyone who believes AoJ is a guild who can not be successful in the competitive pvp realm is sorely mistaken on the skills it takes to be successful in that area. It’s about the group not individuals.

To everyone who thinks we are “protecting” AoJ is mistaken. This is something we sought out. Because we feel it will be beneficial to the server and Grofus/AoJ are a humble enjoyable group of guys to be around.

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You forgot Jace and wildchild, but very good post Smile
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