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6/23 AoJ Tournament
On Saturday, June 23rd at 9 pm EST the Avengers of Justice [AoJ] will be breaking in our arena and hosting our first ever 1v1 tournament here on Lost Lands.  Rules will be standard red pot setup with gm weapons and on foot.  (no magic items, poisoned weps, or other potions besides reds).  Signups will begin approx. 1 hour prior, just PM me your fighter name on discord so I can add you to the brackets.  The winner shall receive a named and dated trophy with hue dependent on turnout, meaning the more signups we have the better the hue.  Because this trophy will have the winners name, Wiz Kid will place it on there at his availability.  If you do not know where AoJ town is we will have guild representatives available to offer transportation.  I will sit out of the tournament unless an odd number of people show up in which I will participate at that point.  I am stoked and will be expecting a nice turnout!  Good luck everyone and pm me your fighter's name on Saturday!  Look forward to seeing everyone there!

[Image: OANMsmz.png]
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Thanks for coming everyone. I want to hold a couple of these a month going forward.

Oh, and Corvette was the champ.

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