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Fishing Questions
I've been fishing in deep water(midway between Occlo and Britain) for 5-6 hours, going from 80.0 skill to 87.0 skill and ZERO sea serpents have spawned. As these are the SOLE source of MiBs (message in a bottle), this is dismaying to say the least. The drop rate was NEVER this bad.

As I remember it, they had a chance to spawn once a fisher hit 80 skill, and fished in deep water.

Is the spawn broken, or have things changed?

What the heck is going on?

EDIT: I found a snapshot of UOstratics back in Feb 1999. The Fishing Skill page clearly states the chance for sea-serpents once reaching 80 skill points in fishing. I'm currently 89.7 skill fishing and STILL have not fished up a single sea-serpent. Definately something amiss.

Thanks in advance!

Capt Firemane
Posting a response to my own post--The chance to pull up a sea-serpent is now 90.0 skill in fishing.

The second cast once I hit 90.0 skill brought up a Deep Sea Serpent that had a level 1 map on it, and I received the message stating I had pulled it up.

So, either someone made the decision to change the point at which they spawn, or it is incorrect.

Again, according to memory and the UOstratics page from 1999 (see above post) it should happen at 80 skill, not 90.
Ok, I found another forum post that explains that GM Fishing SKill is needed to fish up Sea Serpents. Although I got one at exactly 90.0 skill, it only had a map on it.

It seems someone changed fishing from the T2A era rules. Why? They were fine before. Isn't there supposed to be T2A rules on this server?--I keep encountering changes made that are not accurate.

Deviations from Era standards are as follows.

Skill gains from shore:
Skill gain from shore should stop at 60 skill, more gains require deep water (more that 14 tiles from shore). Currently able to GM skill from shore (incorrect).

As I said previously, should be spawning at 80.0 skill (although GM skill was still needed to fish up chests), with increasing chance of fishing up serpents all the way to GM skill.
Currently, no spawn until GM skill.
It's not that a change was made but rather that the accuracy itself wasn't implemented. I'll look into the rest of what you have here. If 80 is in fact accurate we'll make an update.
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