Patch 59 - 5/5/18 - Town Warfare, Stable Changes, Bearded Ladies, Various fixes
  • Full spell damage in towns for warring guilds.
  • Animal Trainers keep pets for 14 days.
  • All treasure maps display their level.
  • Platinum Vendor now carries Testosterone Infused Beard Cream.
  • Some fixes and updates have been applied to the slot machines in our casino (just NE of WBB).
  • A reduction in lockdowns and secures has been made on all new housing to reflect a reasonable comparison to the other home options that we have here.

    Sandstone House with Patio @ 75 lock downs & 3 secures
    Two Story Villa @ 100 lockdowns & 4 secures
    Marble House with Patio @ 125 lockdowns & 5 secures

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
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Awesome! Thanks Wiz Kid!

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