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All the Food is Poison
The meat has turned! Everything for that matter at The Blue Boar in the city of Britain just can't seem to stay fresh. All of the employees are sick & the tavern keeper Naeem has asked for assistance in solving this mysterious constant spoiling of their provisions.

[Image: All_the_Food_is_Poison.jpg]
[Image: wizkidsig.png]
There is a red friendly entrance to the event in the caves of Buc's Den

[Image: All_the_Food_is_Poison_red_friendly_entrance.jpg]
[Image: wizkidsig.png]
A team of Lord British's spies has managed to break through some of the boulders blocking off part of the caves under The Blue Boar!

[Image: cave_depths.jpg]
[Image: wizkidsig.png]

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