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I am retiring as owner of UO Lost Lands
Hello all,

This day is long overdue as I have had limited interaction with UO Lost Lands for quite some time now, however up until now I have still been somewhat of a "gate" to get patches, content, fixes, etc through for the shard, as well as handling administration tasks. Today I am retiring from the staff of UO Lost Lands.

To players, this really doesn't mean much. For the last year I have had very little to do with adding content to the game or doing any coding. The shard has for the most part, run smoothly with no interaction at a code level or having to keep watch on the shard's status. Perhaps in the future, UO Lost Lands will see more code changes, possibly even changes in direction, but these will not be at my discretion. I do not wish to have any further input toward the future of UO Lost Lands and would rather see those decisions go to someone who still has a passion for the game that I did when I began working on this shard.

I will be passing ownership and the current shard finances over to Wiz Kid to take over my role. Wiz Kid has for a long time been a passionate player and staff member on UO Lost Lands, and one I feel has a very similar vision of what a UO shard should be.

Please everyone welcome Wiz Kid as the new owner of UO Lost Lands.

I'd like to give a huge thank you to our players who have been tremendously supportive of the shard throughout the years. I love the community that has been built on UO Lost Lands, a shard is nothing without a caring community. Thank you to all the staff of UO Lost Lands who have managed despite my day to day ignorance of the shard for the last year.

For me personally, I will still be around in Discord to give advice and help if anything goes catastrophically wrong, but I will no longer be staff. If you ever want to hit me up, feel free. I still play video games, I have just worn myself out on Ultima Online for now. I put an incredible amount of hours into the shard between 2014-2016 that many in the community did warn me would wear me out. But there was a lot of passion for the shard that kept me going until I did eventually grow tired.

Lots of love to you all,
Jack (your old pal nightshark)
[Image: jack-sig.png]
A bit of a suprice, but this proofs to me once more that you are a great man that really cares for this server (and us). I want to thank you for all the endless hours you have spend into creating UO Lost Lands to make it what it is today. Really happy you didn't give the server into a stranger's hand, but to someone we all know and respect: Wiz Kid.
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[Image: I34cGTd.png]
Thank you for everything Jack, we will miss you.
Have had so much fun on Lost Lands in the past and I'm sure I will in the future as well with WizKid taking care of us.
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Wow! Sad news! Sad I gave up on UO quite some time ago but have always checked back on the site & Discord to see who is playing and whats going on. To wake up to this is sad Sad You created a fantastic shard and it is definately my favourite of all the free shards I have ever played.

Great to see the shard fell in the hands of such another respectful and dedicated person of the community! Congrats Wiz Kid!

All the best Jack!
Sad to see you go. You done good mate
first shard i ever really got the uo fever

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