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Crystal Caves
Something's going on in the caves under Nujel'm...

[Image: sSZ0t8U.jpg]

I wonder what happened to Franklin  Huh
[Image: EBqj69B.jpg]

This place has been closed for so long!
[Image: hrXDHBC.jpg]

Nice place indeed! 
[Image: raKNnlD.jpg]

Or not...! Those caves are crawling with wicked creatures, venomous snakes, purple daemons and ghosts.
[Image: 4yYPnNg.jpg]

I found Franklin's expedition log!!
[Image: 44czSjI.jpg]

They had a poison problem down here... 
[Image: t2mYyyM.jpg]
[Image: TUk95Sm.jpg]

I have seen some antivenom around, but have not been able to pick it up.

Oh no, Franklin went mad in the end! 
[Image: aaqWUKs.jpg]

The north end of this room has a teleporter leading to a hallway... 
[Image: Yha6f1n.jpg]
[Image: 51hzqz1.jpg]

... that ends with a locked door! Where is the key?? Who has it?
[Image: dRGUQnS.jpg]

In the room behind the hallway elder cavern ghosts have gathered, what are they doing? What evil things are they trying? We need to get behind that door and confront them!
[Image: CWLID8C.png]
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We must assemble an expedition!
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yaaas. cool storyline!!! glad im playing today for the finale Smile
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[Image: Td03cWU.gif]
Did you get inside the locked room? Did you use the pentagram teleporter? Did the ghosts get you guys??
The door is open but I'm late to the party Sad
[Image: Bzu92hu.jpg]

Where was the key, or how did you open the door? 

Where did the antivenom come from and was it used for anything?
[Image: item.php?id=3837&hue=]

Where did you find the paint, on the ghosts? 
[Image: item.php?id=2540&hue=721]   [Image: item.php?id=2540&hue=2051]

What happened here on the final night?  Huh

Big thanks to WizKid for setting this up!  Heart

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