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Lord Byron is not dead!
If you have read the books at the Brit Bank, you would see that Lord British was concerned we had not seen the last of Lord Byron as he "took his last breath".  Well as of last night, Byron made his face known in public, calling out Lord British and came to Vesper with a large Greater Dragon Army!  These beasties are tough to kill and if not prepared with ample regs and potions, you will have quite a hard time on your own.  Byron attacked North Vesper last night and all the town guards have fled and are trying to regroup to retake the North part of the city.  Lord Byron's journal has been seen in Vesper and he is quite irate at who he hired to revamp Blighted Grove, so he went with "Plan B".  To Arms!!  Let's kill him this time!!

-Spy alert-

* Lord British has seen weaknesses in Byron's defenses and plans to make his push to retake North Vesper 5/10/2017 @ 1800 EST *
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Did they get him this time?

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