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Easter 2017 final results
The top egg collector this year was Maestro with 2547 eggs. Congrats Maestro!

2nd: Trickery with 1798 eggs
3rd: Audibly Edible with 1204.

See all results here:

The winner of the Easter Bunny Statue was calculated by adding up the total eggs collected: 9,638 and then generating a random number between 1 and 9,638. The random number was then used to find the index of the winning player by working from the bottom, up the table.

The random number was: 8318 - congrats to Maestro for winning the trophy this year!

All prize winners please contact me to collect your goods!

Maestro: First place trophy + statue
Trickery: Second place trophy
Audibly Edible: Third place trophy
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gz maestro trickery sj!
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Grats all, Holy smokes Maestro.. very nice work
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