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Buying Despise Valley
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I'm agreeing to buy Despise Valley (3 patios) from Wiz Kid for the price of 2 castle deeds. (Post is to set price for future references and for security.)
Transaction complete, thanks!
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What did u build
(04-13-2017, 11:47 AM)Oroechimaru Wrote: What did u build
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[Image: GB0pgeo.gif]
Nice... I like it despise the missing tents from 1997
One influential person on this shard known as Mr. Apoc now would say something like "You morons on this shard there is no real estate market" Confused
Like anything, it's worth what people are willing to pay for. Wiz set his price and I agreed to it. Housing spots like these are potentially priceless. Once (if) pop picks up, then they may become nearly unobtainable.

I had the gold and to me it was a fair deal. I'm glad Wiz sold it to me, I appreciate him as a player, he's a cool dude.  

Oh I changed the housing order to make it look a little nicer. In the pic above there was about 3 small house spots that could be placed around the towers. Now there's just the one and I moved the right tower behind the tree off of the path. I think it looks better and keeps the valley from being a cluttered ghetto.

[Image: s2qgjd.jpg]

Nope I was wrong, found one more small house spot and had to adjust, lol, glad I made this post and then became paranoid and wanted to double check Big Grin
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[Image: GB0pgeo.gif]

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